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TAO Homes a local building contractor Pretoria. Specialized in residential development.

TAO Homes – A local building contractor Pretoria. Specialized in residential development.

We build awesome luxurious houses based in Pretoria. We cover area from Pretoria to Midrand but not limited to.

We are registered with below organization

NHBRC Registered Luxury-home-builders Pretoria

The TAO Homes is a leading luxurious home building contractor and developer with over 18 years of experience. We concentrate on growing outstanding custom homes and multi-unit projects.

Our mission is to increase strong relationships and construct fantastic masterpieces of architecture for each & every individual client with our commitment to excellence.

As a custom home builder, we are devoted to understanding the unique needs and lifestyle of our valuable clients and building custom homes that foster a lifetime of memories. We understand that we aren’t just building homes—we are developing a space to meet specific designs that you envision while creating a place for love, laughter and growth.

Whether you intend to invest in a single family home or a multi-unit property,the TAO Homes has extensive experience navigating the treacherous seas of development and avoiding the pitfalls of traditional lending institutes. As a dedicated residential builder with hands on experience, our team is experienced in integrating all aspects of development–following up and following through with a focus on continuous

We understand that our clients have many options when it comes to choosing builders to build their custom home. With our commitment to excellence, fine attention to detail, excellent  professionalism and access to products to meet every taste, clients continue to choose our team to create their dream homes.

With hundreds of luxury home building project done in PretoriaTao Homes tops Professional Builder‘s rating of the pinnacle 30 home developers inside the different estates in Pretoria. The builder, which ranked No. 5 on Pretoria’s Business Directories as a professional builder, had hundreds of closings in Pretoria to top the listing.

TAO Homes creates outstanding luxury basements custom designed for our clients to expand their lifestyle. Whether we are building a custom home for you or remodeling your existing home, adding a luxury basement will increase your home’s value and enjoyment for years to come.

Our style of building luxurious infrastructure is fortified by an in-depth knowledge-base virtually unseen in the landscape of real estate investment in which custom builders.

We secure smart land development deals and real estate investments with high ROIs that boost our client’s premium capital gain through. The TAO Homes attributes our client’s success from our perceptive, well-informed and resourceful methodology that incorporates

Building High Quality Luxury Homes and Multi Units

We use the greatest substances whether or not locally sourced, or shipped from abroad. If your design calls for contemporary concrete walls with flecks of neighborhood marble, or your Tuscan construct depends on re-claimed wood from that antique abandoned farm you exceeded in Pretoria, our developers paintings seamlessly with the architect to make sure the build is particular even as upholding the high integrity of the TAO Homes Reputation.

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